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Prashant Kuhikar :

Prashant has done his Masters in Mass Communication & Journalism and Post-Graduation Diploma in Audio Visual Production. With his excellent skills in audio visual medium, he has made several short and documentary films which have been acclaimed in various National and International film festivals. He has been associated with various entertainment Channels. He has vast experience of conducting 'film making and photography workshop' for the budding professionals at educational institutions.

Bhushan Kankal :

An Engineer by Qualification,
An Environmentalist by Profession,
A Filmmaker by Passion, Bhushan loves studying film critically. He has enriched himself on film studies from internet, books, seminars and workshops. His immense knowledge will add essence of perfection and in-depth research to various projects he has worked on. He has been making short films for utilizing his skills and has been associated with different film projects at key levels, which were acknowledged at various festivals.

Suneeti Sharma :

Suneeti Sharma has earned her Master's degree in Mass Communication & Journalism and is currently pursuing M.Phil. As part of her career, she has varied work experience in three mediums of communication. Print media, Radio as well as the Development sector. Her expertise includes research work, creative writing, and content development. She also has experience in script and song writing for professional projects.

One of her achievements includes a fellowship for her work in development sector. Her presence helps " Chitrapat Communication " brings spontaneity and liveliness that allows for a good working environment.